Frequently Asked Questions
What is the purpose of the Government Service Information website?
According to the Licensing Facilitation Act 2015, all government agencies are enforced to publish Licensing Manuals providing information on contact channels, procedures and duration, etc. to citizen. The Government Service Information website consolidates the electronic version of all Licensing Manuals into single source, bringing convenience to citizen when they seek information to contact government agencies.
Where does the information come from?
The information comes from the government agencies who create the Licensing Manuals, with the approval from the Office of Public Sector Development Commission.
Is the information in the hard copy of Licensing Manual similar to the one on this website?
Yes. The information on this website contains key components as required by the Licensing Facilitation Act 2015. The responsible government agencies may provide additional beneficial information as appropriate.
Where can I request for the hard copy of Licensing Manual?
The Licensing Facilitation Act 2015 enforces all government agencies to create Licensing Manuals per services under their responsibilities and made them available at their respective operating locations.
In case that the information is unclear, where can I find additional information?
Additional information can be inquired directly from the responsible government agency through contact channels provided in the Licensing Manual.
What is the purpose of the Licensing Facilitation Act 2015?

The main purpose of the Act is to facilitate citizen and businesses when they want to contact government agencies, as well as to enhance citizen experiences by providing faster, easier, and cheaper services.

In terms of operations, the Act aims to promote transparency, accountability, efficiency and effectiveness of government services – for the benefits of citizen and for the competitiveness of the country.

With these purposes, the Act enforces all government agencies to create Licensing Manuals, making the licensing processes more transparent. The Act also requires government agencies to set up a one-stop service center to provide clear information to citizen as well as to handle related applications and complaints.

Which government agencies must conform to The Licensing Facilitation Act 2015?
All government agencies are enforced by the Act including:
  • Both Central Government Agencies and Provincial Government Agencies
  • Local Government Agencies
  • State Enterprises
  • Public Organizations
  • Educational Institutions
  • Other State Agencies such as the Bank of Thailand, the Securities and Exchange Commission, institutions under the governance of Public Sector, Federation of Professions, etc.
Which public services are enforceable by the Licensing Facilitation Act 2015?
This Act applies to the granting of all permissions or licensing as well as all registrations or notification in which the application for those are required by laws or rules, but shall not apply to:
  1. the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers;
  2. the Court’s rules, procedure and judgment and the performance of duty of the official in accordance with civil procedure and the execution of, and deposit in lieu of the performance in, any civil case;
  3. the execution under the criminal procedure;
  4. the licensing under the law on natural resources and environment;
  5. the licensing related to military strategic operation, including the law related to arms control and private armory
When is the Licensing Facilitation Act 2015 effective?
The Licensing Facilitation Act 2015 is effective since 22 January 2015.
How is the Licensing Facilitation Act 2015 related to the creation of Licensing Manual?
The Licensing Facilitation Act 2015 enforces all government agencies to prepare the Licensing Manuals for the public within 180 days from the date of the Act’s publication in the Government Gazette, which is 21 July 2015. According to the Act, the Licensing Manuals must incorporate at least the following key components:
  • Qualifications, processes and conditions (if any) for application
  • Procedures and duration of approval processes
  • List of documents that must be submitted along with the request.
In accordance with the Act, the Licensing Manuals will be made available at the service providing locations and online.
How does the Licensing Facilitation Act 2015 benefit the citizen?
The citizen will be offered faster, easier, and cheaper services as they have access to information that is correct, complete, and clear through the Licensing Manuals prior to making any transactions. Thus, they can contact the right service channels, prepare required documents, and prepare sufficient payment to prevent repetitive effort. The citizen will also be aware of the procedures and the processing time. In case any inquiries or issues arise, they will have access to the contact channels to have their questions answered or to raise concerns.
How does the Licensing Facilitation Act 2015 impact the public services offering?
Apart from creating the Licensing Manuals to facilitate the licensing processes, the Act also requires the Office of the Public Sector Development Commission (OPDC) to examine the actual procedures and processing time to ensure that they correspond to the good governance practice. In case where OPDC notices unnecessary delay in processing the applications, OPDC shall report to the Cabinet to direct the responsible agency to resolve issues quickly.
Which devices and browsers can the Government Service Information website be used on?
The website can be used on desktops, tablets, or smart phones. It can operate on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer Version 9 or newer.
How to search information on the website?
There are 3 ways to search:
  1. Type keywords in the Search Bar; or
  2. Browse by ministry, then narrow down the results by department and service; or
  3. Select from popular search/service suggestions.
    • Selecting “popular search” in the main page will return a list of related government services to choose from
    • Selecting “popular service” in the Browse by Agency page will return respective Licensing Manual details (end result)
    Regardless of the searching path, you will eventually arrive at the same end result which is the Licensing Manual details.
If I already search by keyword, how can I go back to begin a new search again?
You can begin a new search by typing new keywords into the Search Bar at the top of main page without clicking ’Back’ button or navigating to another page.
If I already browse by agency but still cannot find what I’m looking for, how can I go back to begin a new search again?
These are several ways to begin a new search:
  1. If you wish to start browsing new government agency, you can select “Browse by Agency” button, or select the desired ministry or department from the breadcrumb by clicking directly at the current ministry or department name or hover over the > icon to choose new agency from the drop-down list
  2. If you wish to search by keyword instead, you navigate back to “Home” or you can scroll up to the top of screen. Then, type related keywords or select popular search suggestions.
What are the functions of Navigation Bar?
The Navigation Bar performs the following functions:
  1. Take you to different pages of the website
  2. Inform you which page is currently being viewed
What are the functions of Smart Bar on the right side?
The Smart Bar is designed to ease the usage of each page/section. Thus, its functions will change according to your location on the website. Main functions of the Smart Bar include:
  1. Show frequently searched topics when you are at the main page
  2. Sort results from search by keyword and filter search results when you are viewing search results
  3. Show frequently viewed manuals when you are browsing by agency
  4. Provide options to print, download, and report a problem when you are viewing the manual
  5. Inform users of Public and office hours if you viewing Contact Us Information.
How can I contact government agency to enquire additional information, report problems or raise concerns?
There are 2 ways to contact government agency:
  1. Contact the agency directly responsible for the service according to the service channels indicated in the manual
  2. Contact the Government Contact Center in person, by 1111 Hotline, by Mail or by website
When changing the language from Thai to English why are certain parts still displayed in Thai?
Complete English translation of the website is under development and review, thus certain parts are still displayed in Thai.